Design Tech Tonics with Designer Beryn Hammil: Play it Safe


Designer turned tech guru (or vice versa), Beryn Hammil, has more information and advice on today’s technology than your average IT guy.  Now, with technology being such an integral part of everyone’s lives, she’s sharing her knowledge and understanding so everyone can safely get the most out of their devices – and have fun in the process! 

Speaking of safety, a recent post from Beryn spoke volumes about protecting yourself from the bad guys.  If you haven’t already done so – please please please – lock your smart phones.  Sure it may be a bit of a nusance at first but it’s not worth the possibility of having your personal info along with all of your contacts in the hands of a stranger. 

Visit Beryn’s blog: Design Tech Tonics and read her interesting – rather unsettling, first hand experience. . .

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