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April 8, 2011

Bazillion Dollar Decorators


Designer to the stars Martyn Lawrence Bullard made an appearence at the San Francisco Design Center last October and now the amusing designer is soon going to be featured in  “Million Dollar Decorators,” a docu-series featuring five Los Angeles-based interior design teams whose clients have some of the biggest budgets in the industry. 

Bravo picked a fitting character with Martyn – his cheeky charm will be entertaining to watch if nothing else and surely the plot will thicken when a little drama gets thrown into the mix.  His clients include Elton John and Cher, after all. But the concept begs one question:  Will Bravo want to turn back time if audiences take offense at the over-the-top budgets (or lack thereof ) these designers are given by their uber rich clientele? 

According to the LA Times, Although many economists said the recession technically ended in 2009, unemployment remains high and spending habits have been slow to shift. Maybe “Million Dollar Decorators” will time it just right, catching a nation in economic recovery and an audience eager to see big spending back on the small screen.   

Bravo says the premiere date is still in flux, but the latest word is that the show will air its first eight episodes in late May or early June.  Get the full scoop here and tell us your thoughts!


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