Marvic Textiles Presents Indigo Mood at Sloan Miyasato


Sloan Miyasato
SFDC Showplace #200

Marvic Textiles presents Indigo Mood, their Fall 2011 introduction of stone-washed cotton block prints, stripes and solids, which are inspired by 19th century print design and stripe documents from Alsace Lorraine in France.

“This collection is designed to tap into a younger, more casual market,” said Bridget Collins, Marvic’s Senior Designer. “With its ethnic influence, and vintage origins, “Indigo Mood” refers to the ‘hand-made’ origins of the print design, but also the influence of natural dyes, block prints, and the simplicity of the collection as a whole.” According to Collins, indigo is one of the oldest and most widely used dyestuffs. Derived from the root of the indigo plant, it has been used for centuries to give a natural, durable blue. Its popular use in French printed fabrics of the 19th century rendered the most universal fabric, denim (or literally ‘de Nîmes’, from Nîmes in Provence).

View the casually exquisite Indigo Mood Collection and more at Sloan Miyasato in the SFDC Showplace #200.

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